Tackle ScareScraper Together!

You and up to three players can team up to take on the challenges of the ScareScraper, a haunted building teeming with ghosts and unique challenges not found in the main adventure. Recruit your fellow ghost hunters via Local Multiplayer, Download Play, or Online Multiplayer—or play ScareScraper solo to hone your skills.

Note: Additional games, systems and accessories may be required for multiplayer mode. Each sold separately.

Multiplayer Modes


Use teamwork and your trusty Poltergust 5000 to completely rid the floor of ghosts before the clock strikes zero.


It's a race to the top! Pick up clocks along the way to extend your time, as you rush to ascend the tower before time runs out.


Track down those pesky Polterpups with your Dark-Light Device and capture them all before time runs out.