Professor E. Gadd's Research Journal

XXX-002 Characteristics of "Goo"

Goo: The revolutionary discovery that resulted from my entirely scientific tests of the interaction between ghost energy and Lunoman Greenie coffee blend. In order to determine the real-world applications of Goo, I've executed exhaustive research on its characteristics.

My first test exposed Goo to an open flame. I expected no result since ghost energy has never responded to fire, but I was mistaken! Not only did Goo react, it melted away entirely—clearly it possesses a vulnerability to heat.

Logically, I followed my fire test with a water test. I expected a new reaction...but to my surprise, exposure to water caused Goo to melt away as before-suggesting a watery weakness. However! I did notice something different this time...

To my shock, the part of the Goo that had not touched the water—and thus did not dissolve—immediately moved away from the water hazard!

Goo has displayed many other unusual characteristics, as well. When poked or prodded, Goo will actually push back! It also moves toward nearby sounds, displaying some kind of hearing ability. As best I can tell, Goo is intelligently reacting to outside stimuli! I've never seen anything like this before!

There MUST be some greater purpose that Goo can be used for. Once I get another cup of my delicious Lunoman Greenie coffee blend, I'll dedicate all my efforts to figuring that out!

Compatibility information

Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Lite
Story mode (Solo)Yes Yes
Story mode (Co-op)Yes Requires additional accessories
Scarescraper (Solo)Yes Yes
Scarescraper (Co-op)Yes Requires additional accessories
ScreamParkYes Requires additional accessories