Gameplay – Luigi’s Mansion™ 3

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Every ghost has a weakness. Professor E. Gadd can help find it.

Never doubt the genius of this esteemed ghost expert and inventor of the Poltergust G-00. With the assistance of Prof. E. Gadd once again, Luigi just may have a fighting chance.

Gooigi is here to help

What happens when you convert Luigi’s biological data into an electrical signal, then input it into a gooey element? You get Gooigi, an exceedingly green copy of Luigi!

Prof. E. Gadd kept a research journal on his accidental discovery of Goo.

Get the goo-ey details

Gooigi can do what Luigi can’t

Gooigi’s Goo-based properties allow him to slip into or through tight spaces while still retaining his human shape.

Luigi’s all-green doppelganger has his weaknesses though, so change between controlling Luigi and Gooigi to use both their skills.

A single player can alternate between Luigi and Gooigi. Or, you can pass a Joy-Con™ controller to a friend—Gooigi makes a great co-op partner.

The essential ghost-hunting tool

Slam and blow away ghosts’ defenses with the upgraded Poltergust G-00. Its new functions work wonders against tricky ghosts!

  • Flashlight functions

    Don’t be afraid of the dark—you’ve got a flashlight that’s always on.


Polterpup helps track down important items for Luigi. This adorable, ghostly pup will also give Luigi hints on where to go.

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Compatibility information

Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Lite
Story mode (Solo)Yes Yes
Story mode (Co-op)Yes Requires additional accessories
Scarescraper (Solo)Yes Yes
Scarescraper (Co-op)Yes Requires additional accessories
ScreamParkYes Requires additional accessories