Multiplayer – Luigi’s Mansion™ 3

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Share the scares

Too frightened to play alone? Let a pal play as Gooigi in story mode, take on ghoulish minigames, or tackle a series of ghost-filled floors with friends who are braver than you.

Enter the ScareScraper
if you dare

Up to 8 players can team up locally or online* in the ScareScraper! Race the timer to defeat all the ghosts, find the lost Toads, and face any challenges that the tower throws at you—together. Use the mini-map to keep track of your teammates, cooperate to solve puzzles, and call to your friends for help when you need it most!


  • • Maximum 8-player online co-op
  • • One to two players per system
  • • Up to four systems


  • • Maximum 8-player local co-op
  • • One to two players per system
  • • Up to four systems

Team up for screams in ScreamPark

It’s Team Luigi vs. Team Gooigi in a minigame battle to determine the ultimate ghost-hunting team! Two to eight players can play on a single Nintendo Switch system.

Coin Floating

The team to collect the most coins wins. Don’t pop your floaty on the mines falling from above or you’ll drop all your coins!

Ghost Hunt

Defeat ghosts to earn points! Some ghouls are worth more than others. Is that a special specter hiding in the gravestones?

Cannon Barrage

Work together to collect cannonballs, load and fire the cannon, and steal another player’s cannonball using the Suction Shot!

Compatibility information

Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Lite
Story mode (Solo)Yes Yes
Story mode (Co-op)Yes Requires additional accessories
Scarescraper (Solo)Yes Yes
Scarescraper (Co-op)Yes Requires additional accessories
ScreamParkYes Requires additional accessories