Story – Luigi’s Mansion™ 3

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Welcome to the Last Resort hotel

Luigi wins a free stay at the world-class Last Resort hotel for himself, his friends, and even Polterpup! Hellen Gravely, the owner, promises to dazzle them with first-class hospitality. But things go quickly from charming to downright creepy.

Intro trailer opens in pop-up window.

His friends have been framed (literally)

Awakened in the night by a scream, a terrified Luigi finds that his friends have been trapped in picture frames. Not only that, but his nemesis has returned.

King Boo is back

Luigi realizes he’s caught in a trap—put in motion by Hellen Gravely to impress the ghostly villain King Boo!

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The hotel is swarming with ghosts

Can Luigi make it through floor after floor of scary ghosts, spooky puzzles, and terrifying bosses? Maybe! After all, he’s equipped with Professor E. Gadd’s latest ghost-hunting gear.

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Compatibility information

Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Lite
Story mode (Solo)Yes Yes
Story mode (Co-op)Yes Requires additional accessories
Scarescraper (Solo)Yes Yes
Scarescraper (Co-op)Yes Requires additional accessories
ScreamParkYes Requires additional accessories